Trekking in the Geghama Mountains

Trekking in the Geghama Mountains

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The Geghama Mountain Range is a plateau-like watershed of volcanic origin, including a large quantity of extinct volcanoes. The highest point of the watershed is Azhdaak volcano, with a height of 3,597 meters above sea level. At the top of the mountain is a crater, which is occupied by a lake (150x110m). During the year, the lake, with a mirror mark of 3509m, is fed by meltwater. Due to changes in light, the presence of clouds, the time of day and season, the strength and direction of the wind, the view of the crater lake Azhdaak changes all the time, and the water in the lake is so clear and transparent that the bottom is clearly visible. Since ancient times, Azhdaak has attracted tourists from all over the world because of its beauty.

Places of power are mysterious objects that have been attracting all lovers of the mysterious and unexplored since ancient times. Ancient temples, “stones of holy power”, petroglyphs and ancient idols are the places where according to legends the most cherished desires and dreams come true. Armenian legends indicate that all those who want to find inner harmony and feel a burst of energy were eager to come here.

During the trekking guide will reveal the secrets and mysteries of these places, and tell about the origin and purpose of the famous petroglyphs and idols of these places.

You will learn what these cult objects served and will be able to experience the effect of each “place of power” if you wish.

Day 1 - Trekking to Lake Akna

Sevaberd - Lake Akna

Of particular interest in the Geghama Range is the volcanic lake Akna. Akna means ‘eye’ in Armenian, and Akna is the goddess of motherhood and birth in Mayan mythology. In the morning we meet at the appointed place and in half an hour we get from Yerevan to the village Sevaberd at the altitude of 2058m.

An off-road vehicle will take you to the lake with your camp, kitchen and other luggage. We throw our luggage into the van which will be waiting for us at the finishing point of the first day. We’ll take small backpacks (48 l) with us, and put into it all the things we need for the day trip (1l water, snack, personal medicine, windstopper, etc.).

We start our hike from Sevaberd village and walk 13 km to Aqna mountain lake. Akna Lake is located 3032 meters above sea level in the Geghama Highlands, 6 km from Mount Ajdaak. Individual lunchboxes and water will be provided. The trekking time will take 4-5 hours. The reward for your hard work will be a wonderful hot dinner from the Chef and armenian wines. Your tent camp will be set up at your arrival. (Sleeping bags and sleeping mats will also be available).

Overnight in tents at Akna lake.

Day 2 - Ascent of Azdaak mount 3597

Azhdaak in Armenian mythology is a human vishap (human-dragon). Vishaps, live in high mountains, in large lakes, in the sky and in the clouds. Rising to the sky or descending, especially to the lakes, they make a rumble, sweeping away everything in their path. A vishap that has lived to be a thousand years old can consume the whole world.

In the morning, we’ll have a joint warm-up after our first day of hiking and a delicious breakfast from our Chef. After getting our lunchboxes and water, we start our trek today to Duck Lake and climb to the top of Azhdaak Mount at 3597m. Azhdahak is an extinct volcano with a crater lake on top. At the top we will have a lunch box. The summit offers views of Mount Ararat, Mount Aragats, Lake Sevan as well as the slopes of the Geghama Range and the valley of the Kotayk region. Not far from Duck Lake we will make our next camp.

If we have the strength we will visit the placers of rock paintings and the place of strength under the Nazeli mountain. Difference of heights of the day is 750 m. Trekking time is 7 hours, the distance is 15 km.

Overnight in tent camp.

Day 3 - Walk to the idols of Vishap. Visit of historical monuments of Garni and Geghard

As always, we will start the morning with a delicious breakfast and a warm-up. We’ll help our camp leaders set up camp and hit the road, equipped with a lunchbox and water. Our first hike will be to Lake Vank. On the shore of Lake Vank, we will explore the idols of the Vshaps. Vishapakars (vishap idol). Originally they were deities or spirits of water and were installed near water sources. After enjoying the place of power and touching the history of 4 thousand years ago we move forward to the village of Geghard. The altitude difference of today is 900m. Trekking time is 6-7 hours, total length is 11 km.

At the end of the crossing you will find a car waiting for you, which will take you to Yerevan. But before that we will visit the temple Garni (the only preserved monument in Armenia from the Hellenistic and Pagan period) and the Geghard Monastery (founded in the 4th century on the place of the holy spring, which starts from a cave, the most important of which is the spear, that pierced the body of Jesus Christ on the cross).

Return to Yerevan

End of program. Departure

Some people are already leaving and some are going shopping for souvenirs. The best way to relax is to have a cup of coffee in a cafe in Yerevan, or just walk around the “pink city” with the beams of setting sun.

Farewell dinner at the discretion of the participants

Say goodbye and… make an appointment to meet each other on new routes).

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