Different Armenia. Seven days of active rest.

Different Armenia. Seven days of active rest.

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  • Tour Duration 7 6

Armenia is a great place for outdoor activities. We offer a unique tour with elements of climbing for all comers, from beginners to those who already have practice in this kind of recreation.

Are you tired of aimlessly lying on the beach and slowly burning in the sun, sitting in stuffy bars / restaurants and walking through endless museum halls?

There is quite an exciting alternative - a rock climbing tour.

Rock climbing - one of the most fun, full of adrenaline and new sensations of outdoor activities. And it is slowly gaining the hearts of lovers of unconventional tourism.

Recreation in the most beautiful places in Armenia and rock climbing trainings under the guidance of guides are waiting for you. We are talking about climbing - that is, prepared short routes that need to be overcome with safety rope. This is the main difference between rock climbing and mountaineering (climbing on a mountain peak).

You can practice your skills on specially laid rocky routes in the wild.

One can bravely conquer the mountain ledges having minimal physical training (people who can lift at least something heavier than a computer mouse are quite able to start training).

We provide all the technical points of the trip (lodging, transportation, meals, escorting, equipment supply).

We are always met by the heat of the south and at the same time the coolness of the rocky sectors, beautiful gorges, wild nature, a unique opportunity to touch the antiquity of this wonderful country.

Training program is carefully tailored to the weather, the level of climbing and interest of each participant.

You will only have to get pleasure from climbing and contemplation of the beauty surrounding you!

Climbing tour is remarkable because it combines elements of the usual vacation in a new country and interesting adventure that can be remembered for a lifetime.

Every day we will do exercises on the rocks, improve our physical form, deal with theoretical questions and watch instructional videos. It will not be boring. In one shift - seven days - you will improve your level of climbing and get a charge of energy for a long time.

At the end of the tour we will climb to the summit of Mount Aragats (4879 m), one of the highest points of Armenia. And the streets of Yerevan with the excellent cafes and aromatic coffee as well as the refined food of Armenian restaurants will not leave you untouched. And of course one day we will have a chance to swim in the clear waters of “The Pearl of Armenia”, Lake Sevan, one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the post Soviet Union.

Accommodation and meals:

Accommodation in guest house or eco-hotels with facilities in Yerevan; accommodation in private sector and on some days in tents, during active holidays, three meals a day


Suitable for climbers of different levels, it is possible with children;

Leisure time:

The anchor points are located in the historical part of the Armenian highlands, in the homeland of Armenian winemaking.Radial excursions to the surrounding sights (churches, ruins of fortresses, wineries, caves) are possible.


Daily warm-ups, rock training, stretching and theoretical classes;


Ø accommodation with comforts;

Ø rent of group equipment: tents, sleeping bags, fire blankets;

Ø rental of climbing equipment: ropes, helmets, carabiners, harnesses, safety system, etc.;

Ø three meals a day on the spot;

Ø first-aid kit at the guide;

Ø daily trainings under the guidance of an experienced instructor

Ø walks in historical places/entrance fees


Arrival day. Yerevan. - Day 1

Gathering of the group at the appointed place, acquaintance. The first day will be devoted to the solution of organizational problems and excursion around the city of Yerevan. General meeting at 16.00 in the hotel (guest-house), by prior arrangement we will meet you at the airport and provide transport. Coffee-tea with Armenian sweets (we get acquainted, get acquainted with the equipment and go through a safety briefing). Welcome Dinner

Start of the climbing program - Day 2

Pitching a tent camp. Light snack.

After a snack we will have our first training on the rocks. You will learn the basic rules of working with the rope and lifesaving and will be able to overcome your first rock-climbing route. The complexity of the trails will be chosen by the instructor, depending on your level of training. In the evening, master class on cooking barbecue and vegetables on the fire. Evening gathering around the campfire with wine. Overnight in tents.

Climbing in Hell's Canyon and visiting the Areni 1 excavations - Day 3

We start the morning with a light jog and exercise.

Training on the rocks. After lunch, those who wish can go back to the rocks and consolidate the skill. The rest of us can walk around the neighborhood or just have a coffee under the rocks. Transfer to the village house. Accommodation. We will continue the program with a visit to the excavation of Areni-1 cave, which is one of the rare and well preserved monuments of late Chalcolithic in Armenia, that not only gives the opportunity to explore the peculiarities of the material culture of V-IV millennium BC, but also confirms the 6000 - year history of Armenian wine-making.

In the evening you will enjoy a light stretch and a thematic movie.

Dinner from the housewife, with a master class on the preparation of traditional Armenian tolma.

Rock climbing in the Noravank canyon. Armenian wine tasting - Day 4

Traditionally, we start the day with a warm-up. Then we go to the new rock sector in the Amagu Gorge and improve our climbing skills. In the afternoon we continue our workout or have some free time: we can walk to the pearl of Armenian architecture Noravank monastery among the red rocks or visit the natural karst cave Magelan. In the evening for those wishing - tasting of Armenian wines at Areni winery. In the evening after dinner you will enjoy a thematic movie.

Sevan Lake - Day 5

Traditionally we start the day with a warm-up, and after breakfast we go to a new rock sector, improving the climbing skills. For prepared participants we will offer a multi-pitch route. After lunch we will drive to Lake Sevan, through Selim Pass and visit Selim Caravanserai, one of the many caravanserai in Armenia, which serve as the overnight shelter for the caravans that crossed Armenia to Europe and the East along the Great Silk Road. A cup of Armenian coffee with sweets and the beautiful view of the mountains will relieve all the morning tension.

Camping on the shore of Lake Sevan. For those wishing you can have a swim or go kayaking on the waters of Lake Sevan. Dinner with tasting of Sevan trout on the grill. Evening gatherings by the fire.

Climbing at the foot of Mount Ara - Day 6

Traditionally we start the day with a warm-up and move to a new sector at the foot of Mount Ara. Climbing in the new sector for half a day. Lunch (snack). After lunch we climb 3200m high, on the slope of extinct volcano Aragats. Making a tent camp. Rest before ascending. Dinner. Acclimatization night at altitude 3200m.

Note: in case of bad weather conditions in the mountains, based on safety considerations, the organizers may introduce changes in the canvass of the program for the 6th and 7th days.

Ascending to the South top of Mount Aragats. Return to Yerevan. - Day 7

The day of ascent to the highest point of Armenia - the single extinct volcano, Mount Aragats. We start the day with early warm-up and after breakfast we ascent to the south summit at 3879 m. It will take about 5-6 hours. Return to Yerevan by 16.00


Some are already leaving and some are going for souvenirs. You should better have a cup of Yerevan coffee, go for a walk in museums and just take a walk around “pink city " in the beams of sunset.

Farewell dinner at the discretion of the participants.

Say goodbye and… make an appointment for new routes!

Transportation according to the program


Meals according to the program


Group equipment

Entrance tickets

Our guide has a first aid kit

Spring water

24 hours customer service by phone



Personal medication

Extra meals and drinks (outside the program)


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