Climbing to the top of Mount Artanish

Climbing to the top of Mount Artanish

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Mount Artanish
The height of the peak is 2131 meters. The mountain is located on the Artanish peninsula,which is the watershed of Big and Small Sevan.Not every mountain can boast that from its top you can see the entire mirror of Lake Sevan, and the strait between Noradus and Artanish capes.

Climbing to the top will take 2.5-3 hours, with a climb of 536 m and a length of 6 km.

This mountain climbing route does not have a categorical difficulty. We don’t need special equipment.There are often strong winds on the mountain that blow from the Geghama Range. The mountain is located 70 kilometers from Yerevan.

At the end of the trail opens a spacious clearing. From the peak on a clear day, a magical panorama opens up.As soon as the head reaches the top line, a view of the lake opens before your eyes.It lies at the very bottom of a rounded and large mountain katlavan, where gentle slopes descend from the mountains from all sides, along which in spring water from melting snow runs through the gutters into the lake.There are continuous mountain ranges around, on all four sides there is nothing but mountains.You feel yourself in the center of the watery and indescribable world. Stunningly beautiful!



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