Cycling tour in Armenia - 7 days

Cycling tour in Armenia - 7 days

Price From $588 per guest (group of seven or more)

  • Tour Duration 7 6

If you love to explore new places, are proud of the distance you covered, love to pedal and can’t imagine your life without cycling - go on a tour through the beautiful corners of Armenia.

The instructors of “White Irbis” company have worked out an interesting and informative route in central Armenia and are happy to offer this route to guests of any age.

We have designed an interesting itinerary covering many of the highlights of the region.

Recreation in Armenia is perfect for people who like active rest and ecological tourism. Most of all the country attracts tourists with its natural sights.

Magnificent landscapes, interesting mountain routes, famous monuments of history and architecture, ancient cities, friendly and hospitable locals, excellent Armenian cuisine, acquaintance with the customs and rituals of the Armenian people and much more….

If you don’t like to sit in one place, and you prefer to wander along the mountain paths, contemplating untouched by civilization nature, Armenia is ideal for you. Here every traveler will get a real pleasure of being close to nature.

This is an informative bicycle tour with round trips and hiking. It takes you to the most beautiful parts of ancient Armenia. During your tour you will see the ancient capital of Armenia, the pearl of Armenia - Lake Sevan, the ancient Christian and pagan temples, the delicious culinary delights of Armenian cuisine and much more.

Tours can be booked up to 14 days before the expected date of arrival.

For the fans of “iron horses” without a motor we offer bicycle rentals.


The group will gather at the appointed place at 14.00, get acquainted.

The first day will be devoted to the solution of organizational issues and the tour around the city of Yerevan and the move to the first night on the shore of Lake Sevan.
Upon prior arrangement we will meet you at the airport and provide you with transportation.

Then we will have a tour in the heart of the capital - to the observation platform of Victory Park, walking down the steps of architectural complex “Cascade” to the city center - a walk in the sculpture park, Opera Theater Square, Northern Avenue to the Republic Square.

After nice walk full of bright impressions we will drive towards mountainous Lake Sevan.

Stay at hotel. We’ll have a rest. We will have a safety briefing, get our iron horses ready and go for dinner, where we will have tasting Armenian tolma. Overnight at the hotel.

- Let's go....

After a delicious breakfast, we’ll pack our bags and set off on our journey on iron horses to the village of Semenovka (32 km). At first we will travel along the shore of Lake Sevan, but then we will turn towards the mountains, where we will stop for lunch. The escort car will be ready to take you for lunch with hot tea/coffee and snacks. After a rest and a 17 km drive, we will arrive in the resort town of Dilijan, where we will spend the night in a private house and have a delicious dinner.

- Dilidjan-Goshavank

In the morning, as always, we start with a warm-up.

Cycling to the village of Ghosh. (22 km). Accommodation in the camp. Camping Disaster.

Visiting Goshavank Monastery. The name Goshavank (monastery of New Getik) appeared in 1213, in honor of scholar Mkhitar Gosh, who founded the monastery in 1188, with the support of Prince Ivane Zakarian.

For those who are strong and vigorous in spirit there is a walk in the mountains, through the forest to the lake Gosh. The length of the lake is 100 meters, width - 80 meters. The maximum depth is 8 meters. In summer the water temperature reaches only 14 ° C. Duration of the hike is 7 km.This place is like a residence of the gods. Or maybe this is the paradise that we were looking for so long?
In any case, when you see this unique, indescribable nature, there is no other way to explain your feelings. Very rarely you come across such enchanting beauty, tranquility, peacefulness and attractive luxury of nature.


Accommodation and overnight in tents, near the village of Ghosh.


In the morning of our day we will start with warming up and breathing exercises. Our next bike ride is to the village of Getik (30 km uphill) Today’s journey is through a beautiful canyon in the mountains. This time we will have a rest and a snack on the river shore where we will have a rest. After reaching the village of Getik we will stay at a private home. We will rest and bathe, and then take a master class in Armenian cooking. We will also visit the beekeeper of the village and try his mead. We will spend the evening eating dinner and listening to Armenian traditional games with a cup of home-made wine. Overnight in the village house.

- Getik-Artanish

Traditionally, we start the day with a warm-up and move to a new sector of Lake Sevan, leaving the Tavush region. After driving 42 km we will stop at a camping on the shore of Lake Sevan. We will rest, camp on the shore of the lake, swim, sunbathe and have dinner with tasting of Sevan whitefish and Armenian beer, a fish menu from the waters of Lake Sevan. Overnight camping in tents. Those who wish can rent cottages for an additional fee.

- Artanish - Sevan Peninsula

After having breakfast in the camp, we will climb to the top of Mount Artanish early this morning.The height of the peak is 4131 meters. The mountain is located on the peninsula Artanish, which is the watershed of the Big and Small Sevan. **Not every mountain can brag of the fact that from its top you can see the whole mirror of Lake Sevan and the strait between Noradus cape and Artanish cape.

The ascent to the top will take 2.5-3 hours, with a climb of 536 m and a length of 6 km.
This route of the mountain climbing does not have a category complexity. We do not need special equipment.

At the end of the trail a spacious glade opens up. A magical panorama opens up from the peak on a clear day.Just the head reaches the summit line and the view of the lake opens before our eyes. It lies at the very bottom of a rounded and large mountain catlain, where gentle slopes descend from the mountains on all sides, along which water from melting snow runs in gutters into the lake in the spring. There are solid mountain ranges all around, with nothing but mountains on all four sides. You feel like you are in the middle of a watery and indescribable world. It is breathtakingly beautiful!

Back in the camp we will have a tasty lunch, saddle up our horses again and go in the direction of the Sevan Peninsula (50 km by the smooth road along the shore of Lake Sevan). Upon reaching our goal we will have interesting talks about the history of Armenia and the region we will visit, exchange our guides' opinions and stories, we will have an interesting excursion to Sevan peninsula visiting Sevan Monastery. Here we will listen to the history of Christianity in Armenia, and learn what is Khachkar.

Here we put an end to our bicycle tour today, rent our bikes to the guides and drive to Kotayk region, to the village of Gokht, where we will have a camping. A dinner with river trout, will replenish all our energy used up today.

Overnight at the campsite, above the Garni Gorge.

- Домой

We will start the day with a delicious breakfast and after checking out we will head to the car with our luggage. Today we will visit the temple of Garni, the only preserved monument in Armenia from the pagan and Hellenistic times.

On this day we will have no strong physical activity (almost all 37 km of the road today will be uphill), but only visual emotions and impressions.

Soon we will be in Yerevan, where we will stay in a guest house. We get dressed and go to Yerevan for our farewell dinner with wine tasting.

Soon it’ll be time to say goodbye to your new friends. But in these times of new technologies, you will never lose them! Long live the Internet!

Until new meetings and new journeys!

Escort by car

Program guide

Meals by program

Accommodation (tents, private houses)

Group outfit

Entrance fees to the territory of historical monuments

first-aid kit from guide

Repair kit from conductor

Personal insurance

Bicycle (can be rented on site)

Personal equipment

Personal medication

Other expenses



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