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A hot-air balloon flight in the heart of Armenia can make any weekday festive, romantic and simply unforgettable. A flight through the sky under a beautiful dome will amaze anyone. Present an unforgettable experience and a sea of joy to your beloved ones, make a surprise for their birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. A hot air balloon flight - is a great way to confess your love or celebrate the anniversary of the relationship. Any girl will be delighted with such a surprise. After all, it’s not just a balloon ride. Therefore, it’s a sin not to take the opportunity to please yourself and your spouse with such a romantic trip among the clouds under a bright dome. Hot air balloon is synonymous of romance and tender feelings. Hurry to contact us and we will organize the most touching moment of your life. Present the beauty of the flight and the romantic mood to your loved ones!


A balloon flight fully depends on meteorological conditions: cloudiness, precipitation, visibility, wind strength, etc. On the day of the flight, a few hours before the client arrives at the launch site, the pilot confirms the possibility of the flight according to the weather conditions. However, there are rare occasions when, even after the Client arrives at the launch site, the flight can be cancelled and postponed for safety reasons.

A balloon flight, on average, lasts about an hour, but the entire procedure (along with flight preparation, briefing, balloon assembly, etc.) takes about 3-4 hours.

In summer the balloons are flown in the morning from 5:00 to 8:00 before the thermals (vertical air currents), and in the evening from 19:00 to 21:00 after the disappearance of the thermals. In the fall and spring, morning flights begin somewhat later, from 8:00 a.m., and evening flights earlier, from 4:00 p.m. In winter, balloons fly during all daylight hours.

Temperatures drop 6.5 degrees per kilometer during liftoff. Your flight will take place at an altitude of no more than 1 kilometer. Because of this, you will not feel any difference in temperature.

Package includes

- Transfer to the place of takeoff and return to Yerevan. Our ground staff will come to your address and escort you to your planned takeoff point.

- The passengers are transferred in a high-class minibus provided for 8 people.

- The participants of the flight also take part in getting the balloon ready for take-off, which lasts approximately 30 minutes.

- Duration of the flight itself is 1 hour (depending on wind direction it may last 40-90 minutes).

- The whole process of the flight is filmed with high quality GoPro cameras, and the footage is provided to customers.

- However, the surprises don’t end there: after landing there is a ceremony of presenting a certificate of honor to a balloonist according to the extant tradition dating back to 1783.


You are offered refreshments: cold drinks, hot coffee, and after landing you can enjoy champagne and sweets.


The program lasts 4-5 hours - 1-2 hours after dawn, at altitudes up to 1000 m.

Hot air balloon flights are allowed both in summer and in winter. Permissible temperature: from -20 to +40.

Flights may be postponed due to adverse weather conditions and high wind speed.

Permissible speed: up to 5 m/sec.

Minor children must be accompanied by their parents.

The total weight of passengers must not exceed 200 kg.



Balloon flight

Cold drinks, hot coffee, and after landing you can enjoy champagne and sweets.


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