Active-gastronomic tour in the mountains of Armenia in 5 days

Active-gastronomic tour in the mountains of Armenia in 5 days

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Armenia has a huge potential for adventure and eco-tourism. The country has a wide variety of beautiful and unique natural panoramas, unforgettable mountain vistas, famous architectural and historical monuments, ancient cities. Armenia attracts visitors from different parts of the world. Rooted by the hospitality of the Armenian people, the variety of local cuisine, ancient and unique traditions, as well as the atmosphere of Armenian life, the guests of our country feel at home and return again and again.

If you are an active person, who prefers to enjoy the beauty of mountains, forests, lakes and in general, nature, there is no doubt that Armenia is the best place for you.

nature, there is no doubt that Armenia is the ideal place where you will feel yourself a part of this Nature…

5 days of varied active vacation. Every day new activities, every day new locations of historical monuments, every day new dishes of Armenian cuisine and wines, every day a sea of emotions!

Accommodation in guest houses, cottages and tents, three meals a day.

Difficulty: suitable for any level, you can with children.

Leisure: our overnight stays are located in different historical regions of the Armenian highlands: in the homeland of Armenian winemaking, on Lake Sevan, in the mountains of Tavush and many other corners of our beautiful country. Radial excursions to the surrounding sights (churches, fortress ruins, wineries, caves) are possible.

Trip Program:

Day 1 - Yerevan - Excursions to ancient temples

Early arrival. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to Yerevan.

The first day is reserved for excursion around the city of Yerevan - to the observation deck of “Victory Park”, walking down the steps of the architectural complex “Cascade” to the center of the city - walking through the sculpture park, Opera House Square, Northern Avenue to the Republic Square. However, we will continue our journey through Armenia and drive to the village of Garni, where we will have lunch in the garden of a rural house, with tasting of river trout and master class on baking traditional lavash bread. Today we will also visit the Historical Complex of Garni (the only surviving monument in Armenia dating back to the pagan and Hellenistic periods) and the **Hegard Monastery (**the monastery was founded in the 4th century on the site of a sacred spring originating in a cave and is famous for the relics kept there, the most important of which is the spear used to pierce the body of Jesus Christ on the cross).

After a pleasant journey filled with vivid impressions, one of Yerevan ethnic restaurants is waiting for us, which will feed us deliciously and with Armenian hospitality. Overnight in Yerevan

Day 2 - Yerevan - Khor Virap - Noravank - Rock Climbing-Caves- Excavations

After breakfast we will head to the foot of the majestic Mount Ararat and visit the temple of Khor Virap - an ancient monastery of the 4th century, from which the history of Armenian Christianity began. The monastery is famous for its location at the foot of the majestic biblical Mount Ararat, where, according to legend, Noah found himself on the ark after the Flood.

The next stop after an hour’s drive is the Hell Gorge or the leopard’s gorge. Here we will have an active rest on the natural relief (rock climbing for any level - both for beginners and advanced climbers).

After enjoying rock climbing we will have a master class on cooking real Armenian shish kebab in the nature.

Next, we will move to the gorge of red rocks, where we will visit Noravank Monastery, the pearl of Armenian architecture. As well as, we will visit Magelan Cave** (in search of a colony of bats, endemic to the area) and excavations of the ancient winery Areni1. After having dinner in the evening with our hosts and enjoying Armenian wine, we will stay overnight in the village house.

Overnight in the Vayots Dzor region.

Day 3 - Silk Road - Lake Sevan - Trekking to Mount Artanish.

After breakfast we will drive to Lake Sevan through Selim Pass and visit Selim Caravanserai, which provided overnight accommodation for caravans traveling through Armenia, usually to Europe and the East. Selim Caravanserai was located on the Great Silk Road, linking East Asia with the Mediterranean.

The goal of today’s trek is Mount Artanish.

The height of the peak is 2131 meters. The mountain is located on the Artanish peninsula, which is the watershed of the Great and Small Sevan. Not every mountain can boast that from its top you can see the whole mirror of Lake Sevan and the strait between Noradus cape and Artanish cape. The ascent to the peak will take 2.5-3 hours, with a height gain of 536 meters and a length of 6 km. This route of mountain climbing has no category complexity. We won’t need special equipment.

After descending from the mountain, we will drive to the shore of the pearl of the Armenian highlands, Lake Sevan. We will camp right on the shore of the lake. You will have an opportunity not only to swim in the waters of fresh water Lake Sevan, but also to go kayaking or SUB-ing.

After dinner with tasting of Sevan whitefish, a bonfire and stars are waiting for us,…

Night on the shore of Lake Sevan, as well as tasting of Armenian brandy with the history of its origin.

Day 4 - Zipline-Hike to the waterfalls at the ancient cave hermitages of Lastiver.

Be prepared for an early rise and early breakfast.

After water procedures in Sevan, we will have breakfast and drive to the new region of Armenia Tavush.

From the base, we will go on a hike in the gorge, to the ancient hermitages and waterfalls Lastiver, the length of which will be 7 km and about 2,5 - 3 hours. Altitude difference down and up will be 215m, 1350m - 1135m above sea level. After returning to the base and having lunch, we will go to new adventures of today - Ziplining. Flying over the unique Khachahpyur gorge. Ziplining is flying on steel cables stretched between special platforms over the gorge. You will fly along 5 lines: 135m, 268m, 200m, 375m and 750m. The average speed will be 5 m/s and the height will be from 200 to 300 meters.

After enjoying the activities, we will move to the slopes of Mount Aragats (2 hours), to the altitude of 3200m, where we will set up our tent camp. Night at the altitude of 3200m

Day 5 - Ascent to the highest point of Armenia - Aragats

Be ready for an early rise and early breakfast.

Early in the morning we will climb to the South summit of the highest point of Armenia - Mount Aragats.

The start will be given at an altitude of 3200 meters near Lake Kari.

The total height gain today will be about 700 meters and will take 3-4 hours. At the summit we will have magnificent views of the crater and other peaks of the mountain - there are 3 more peaks in total. Emotions from the views, a snack and hot tea will give us back our strength which will help us on our descent (1,5 hours). After finishing our ascent and a short respite, we will turn down the camp and go on an excursion to the ruins of the ancient fortress of Amberd. Returning to Yerevan, we will have time to rest and tidy up in the guest house before the evening farewell dinner. However, before returning to the city, we will have a wine tasting at the vineyards of Van Ardi winery. Free time in the city. Evening departure.

Those who wish can extend their stay in Armenia (by prior arrangement).

Transfer to the airport

Transportation Accommodation with Dbl twin accommodation Rental of group equipment: tents, sleeping bags, karemats; Rental of individual equipment: helmets, carabiners, safety net, flashlights, gloves Three meals a day on site; First-aid kit at the guide’s place; Daily training under the guidance of an experienced instructor Walks to historical places/entrance tickets/excursions

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