Summer activity camp for children and teenagers

Summer activity camp for children and teenagers

Price From 498$ per person

  • Tour Duration 7 6
  • August 7, 2023 - August 13, 2023

Children’s activity camp “Little Leopard” from the team of the club “White Irbis” will give the child a fun and unique way to spend the summer vacations.

We invite all boys and girls who are not strangers to the thirst for adventure and new experiences to our adventure camp. To be stronger, higher, bolder, to learn to make decisions, to find new company, and also … of course, to learn to climb on real rocks, swim in a kayak, climb in caves, go hiking and much more!

A very diverse, versatile program for active kids, with fun games and sports improvement . This program is a combination of various active activities with educational and recreational elements. 7 days of sports training and excursions to different corners of Armenia, a wide range of new emotions and new knowledge, rest in the nature, all this in one trip.

Camp “Little Bars” strives to move the course of great discoveries in the soul of every child!

That’s why when your child comes home he will be proud to declare that he knows the difference between a figure-of-eight and a grepwine, how to set sails and manage a beam correctly, he can organize master-classes on tying knots, set camping and unmistakably orientate himself in the mountains.

A real vacation for kids who have a passion for travel at heart!

Memo for Parents:

Going to camp (as with any trip) requires careful preparation! We have specially developed a handbook for those who are going to camp with us for the first time. Please read this information thoroughly and you will find answers to many of your questions.

Documents needed for arrival at the shift:

“Medical certificate of departure to the camp”.

Certificate of absence of contacts with infectious diseases (to be made out 3 days before arrival at the camp by a pediatrician or infectious disease doctor -Covid 19);

COPY of health insurance or temporary insurance for active recreation;

COPY of birth certificate.

Surname and first name of one of parents; home address; contact phone numbers of parents, copy of passport

Please do not give original documents to your children! Copies of these documents are enough for us.

What to bring to the camp?

Of course, a good mood and those things without which you can not do without a boy or a girl in the camp during the week.

Personal hygiene items:

toothbrush and toothpaste

Washcloth, shampoo, gel or bath soap (necessarily in a soap dish),

comb or comb for hair, manicure scissors or nail clippers;

for girls - cosmetics for skin and body care, hygiene products.

What should you NOT bring with you to camp?

Expensive audio/video equipment;

expensive clothes and shoes - for active recreation - only the most functional things;

expensive perfume - leave only the most necessary things;

jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum and precious stones;

Expensive cellular phones;

In case of loss we will do our best to help you find your lost or forgotten items. However, the organizers are not responsible and will not accept any claims for loss of children’s expensive items.

- cutlery (forks, knives and other piercing-cutting items);

Medical supplies (except for those that are vitally necessary for children with chronic illnesses. In this case we MUST inform the organizers of the camp

How to contact with a child?

Telephone contact with your child is one of the problems. Therefore we do not allow children to be in contact during the day. Separate evening hours will be provided for this purpose, during which they can share with you the impressions of the day.


The child is just beginning to adjust to a new environment and parents remind them of home;

the child is distracted from collective activities when they need to concentrate on them;

the phone rings during mass activities or when the child is busy rock climbing or operating a sailboat;

the phone rings when the child is resting (naptime, time after bedtime, early morning) - this can disturb not only the child, but also his/her companions.

We recommend that you set certain hours to contact your child or get information about your child from our phones.

If something urgent happens, you can contact us at the organizers' phone numbers. These phone numbers are for emergency contact and are on 16 hours a day from 8:00 to 24:00.

If your child is not calling you, it could mean the following - he or she is fine or just doesn’t have time. He may just have a dead phone or run out of money on his account. Don’t worry, and don’t panic! We care about your children!

IMPORTANT! Parents - legal representatives - must! escort and meet the children (ie, bring and pick up at the meeting point) If the child is not taken from the camp by legal parents (ie, grandparents, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, etc.), then they must have: a power of attorney, certified by a notary or workplace, to take the child, a copy of a passport from one of the parents.

Please note: Check-in time - 12:00 noon Check-out time from the camp - 12:00 noon

If a child violates the rules of order and behavior in the camp ( asocial behavior), the organizers reserve the right to hold children accountable, up to immediate expulsion from the camp.

Dear parents!

We earnestly ask you to warn your children about the following:

The child is fully personally responsible for the safety of their personal belongings. Therefore, children must be aware of their belongings and keep them in the designated places.

Children shall clean their own beds, personal belongings, garbage resulting from the child’s actions on their own. For this purpose there are garbage accumulators (bags, garbage cans, etc.) in the places of activity of the camp.

If a child has a high fever, the child can be placed under the supervision of a doctor, where he or she will receive the necessary medications. In this case, the medical staff will make the parents aware of the child’s condition. With this option, parents, depending on how the child is feeling, decide on his stay in the camp.

Well, now on your way to an unforgettable experience at the Planet of Childhood!

- Day of arrival

On this day, we meet at Matendaran book depository, get acquainted, check all the documents and belongings, say goodbye to our parents, and leave for the radiant Lake Sevan.

We will have interesting talks about the history of Armenia and the region we will visit. We will have an exchange of opinions, children’s stories, as well as an interesting excursion to the Sevan peninsula including a visit to the Sevan Monastery. Here we will listen to the history of Christianity in Armenia and learn what is Khachkar.

On the way we will also have a stop to collect Absidian, which we will need in the camp for a story about the Stone Age, and where we will learn how ancient people made their weapons (spears, bows and arrows) for hunting.

After reaching the camp on the shore of Lake Sevan we will stay at the camping houses at Artanish cape and get a briefing about the rules of the camp and the order of the first day.

After lunch we will have “Theoretical training”, where the children will learn the terminology of the “sea wolves”. They will learn about the types of ships, their structure and equipment.

Later they will have time to swim in the waters of Lake Sevan and have some sunbathing time.

After dinner there will be a theme film about the discoverers of the seas, and a gathering around the campfire, where we’ll analyze the emotions of the past day.

Overnight at the campsite in shared cabins

- Nautical knots

Getting up for exercise. Warming up and breathing exercises on the lake shore. After a tasty breakfast we will start further learning the basics of sailing.

We will start to understand classes of boats and we will study one of them - “The Ray”. We’ll get to know what “Navigation of Ships” is and get practical training in navigation.

After having dinner and taking a break we’ll start learning “Sea Knot” and get acquainted with the descriptions of the equipment.

In the evening after dinner, we’ll watch a Yves Cousteau themed movie and board games.

Overnight at the campsite

- Sailing courses

The morning in Sevan will greet us with a great mood and our usual morning warm-up with stretching. After breakfast, our day will be devoted to practical exercises on the water. We will learn how to steer the boat of “The Beam” class.

_ Lunch. Rest. Board games_.

_The afternoon will be spent sailing courses - “Baydevind”, “Galfind”, “Bagshtag”, “Fordevind”, “Overshtag” and “Foredevind”.

Weather permitting, we will have a ride on the “Red Peeper” boat.

In the evening, the distinguished will receive diplomas of sailors, and at an evening dinner, other surprises.

Sitting around the campfire. Baked potatoes and songs with guitar.

One more night in the camping.

- Our first hike to the ancient fortress of Smbataberd and the church of Tzahatz Kar

We start the morning with a light jog and water procedures. After breakfast we pack our bags and leave for the Vayots Dzor region, with a visit to the Selim Caravanserai, located on the Great Silk Road, connecting East Asia with the Mediterranean. A visit to a historical monument.

From here we will head for the village of Yehegis, where we will begin our first hike of the trip, to the Smbataberd fortress. After visiting the Smbataberd ruins, where we will have time to enjoy the beauty of nature and have lunch, we will go down to the mountain river Yeghegis, where we will camp. Learning to set up camp (camping skills, camping equipment, fire making, rules of conduct in the nature (how to set up a tent, etc.). Dinner at the campfire.

Night in the tents.

- Cave visits

Morning warm-up with tea and breakfast will cheer us up and send us on to new adventures. Today we will visit two types of caves in the surroundings of the village Areni:

Magellan Karst Cave - one of the biggest caves in Armenia. It is explored only up to the depth of 1.7 km. It has an ecological environment formed since ancient times, rich biodiversity, layers containing the most important paleontological and archeological findings. This is a unique natural place, which is included in the Red Book of fauna of the RA, which is home to several species of bats included in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Flashlights and gloves will be provided_.

**An excavation of the Areni 1 cave -_**which is a rocky rooms with niches and passages, which in different eras were inhabited by the most ancient civilizations. In the course of the archaeological excavations in the cave the most valuable samples were discovered, which were the key ones for the world history of civilization development. A valuable find was an ancient shoe made of leather, which is perfectly preserved. The shoes are considered the oldest in the world - it is assumed that they are 5.5 thousand years old. For comparison, we can say that the famous Stonehenge is 400 years younger than the shoes. Another valuable find is the oldest winery, which proves the existence of wine and winemaking in Armenia in 4000 BC. The vessels and jugs found contained traces of grapes, apricots, wheat and barley. The jars were stored in separate niches intended for wine production.This is just a small part of the treasures hidden in the darkest corners of the cave.

After these visits you’ll enjoy a delicious barbeque, cooked by the participants themselves, with the instructors' responsive guidance.

But this is not the end of the day’s activities.

We go by off-road vehicles to the nature-historical reserve “Arpi” in the mountains, where we will have a chance to see with our own eyes the mountain goats - Bezoar, eagles - White-headed Vulture and Bearded Vulture, and also, if you are lucky, to watch bears and snowcocks. Then we go down the trail of the leopard to the place of the ancient settlement and walk to the historical-architectural complex Noravank, the biggest treasure of the nature reserve “Arpi”. In the XII-XIV centuries here, surrounded by high rocks, was the seat of the Metropolitan of Syunik. The representatives of the princely family of Orbelians developed their activity here.

At sunset we’ll put up our tent camp (we’ve already learned how to do it) and we’ll make a fire and cook dinner with our own hands.

In the evening we are going to campfire gathering with baked potatoes in ashes.

Overnight in tents in the gorge of Noravank Monastery.

- Climbing day

Morning yoga and stretching today will be very appropriate, as we are waiting for the heroic climbs on the real natural rocks. After breakfast we will have an introductory lecture from our instructors about the world of climbing and mountaineering (terminology, differences, equipment, gradation, etc.), after which we will start overcoming our first routes in the Noravank gorge until lunch.

After lunch we will have a break in the camp where we will have an introductory course on first-aid in wild conditions.

Soon, however, we will again be called to the rocks. And our heroes will start their conquest again.

In the evening after dinner around the campfire, participants will have time to throw out a storm of emotions accumulated during the day and the trip as a whole.

Overnight in tents.

- Going home

Today the guys will have time to sleep in. But that doesn’t mean we won’t have a warm-up and mountain herbal tea.

And here is the most interesting part of the morning.

We are waiting for the exams on the course of passed skills, passing which, each participant will get his honestly earned certificate.

Then after camping we leave for the Ararat Valley, where Mount Ararat and the Khor Virap Monastery are waiting for us. Our guide will give us a tour and tell us the legend of the temple on the biblical Mount Ararat, where according to the legend Noah found himself on the ark after the Flood.

And soon we will be in Yerevan, where it will be time to part with new friends. But in the days of new technologies, you will never lose them! Long live the Internet!

Until new meetings and new journeys!!!



Accommodation (in tents and huts, with the provision of sleeping bags)


Group equipment

First-aid kit from the instructor

Diplomas at the end

Video equipment for watching movies

Swimming Boat Rental

Life jackets

Harnesses, helmets, ropes, carabiners, and other equipment

Camping kitchen equipment

Water for the whole day

Recreational insurance

Personal clothing and personal medicines

Communication Devices

Personal care items


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