School of mountaineering. A cycle of lectures and field seminars.

School of mountaineering. A cycle of lectures and field seminars.

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7-day basic mountain training/certification course


Season: year-round

You’ve been beckoning to the mountains for a long time, but it’s difficult and scary. Do you do rock climbing but want to learn more ropes skills? You have the basic skills, but still not confident in their knowledge? You want to go to the mountains safely and interesting? Then you to us.

We are not trying to replace the official sport climbing system. We offer practical seminars and classes where you’ll gain real knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use later in the mountains, hiking with hikers as guides and in sport climbing.

The first event of our school will be a rock seminar in Vayots Dzor region.

In seven days you will learn the basics of rock climbing, working with rope and climbing equipment, and you will do your first rock climbing routes, including multi-pitch. We will finish our program with a final ascent to the summit of Mount Aragats. The schedule of the next blocks of lessons and lessons outside Armenia will be available later.

The aim of our seminar is to introduce people to the notion of mountaineering, its current condition, to tell about modern equipment and the main principles of working with it.

Classes are held in the form of theoretical and practical classes with demonstration of equipment, as well as classes in basic mountaineering training, which includes:

working with ropes,

work with iron,

work in a bundle.

Classes are held in bundles of two people under the control of an instructor, a group of more than 6 people has two instructors.

From you - the desire to learn safe and with interest to go to the mountains. From us - the knowledge and experience.


7 days of 5-6 hours per day (exact time will be announced the day before)


Vayots dzor/ Rock terrain with prepared routes


Group gear given out.


Athletic uniform, with tight-fitting sneakers or rock slippers on your feet

Program cost per person is $348 for a group of 4-10 people

For beginners

The camp is designed for beginners, and you do not need to worry about your level of training.

We recommend having a basic background, which you can get in one introductory climbing class or a similar class:

- Experience climbing with overhead belaying

- Know how to insure a partner with belaying

- Knitting basic knots (figure of eight, guide).

Though many of these skills are expected during the days of the seminars:

Master-class on tying knots

Descent on a fixed rope

Climbing and rappelling on a fixed rope

Station organization

Bottom insurance (double session)

Equipment and rigging

….. and much more

During the school you will get rock training, make your first ascent on the route

Check-in, camp accommodations, introductions. The knots used in mountaineering.

Inspection and fitting of equipment. Lectures on equipment.

Installation of insurance points. Class on the rope and the basics of building safety stations.

Rock classes. Climbing with the top insurance. Descent on a fixed rope. Climbing on a fixed rope.

Moving in bundles.

Rock climbing. Strapping on a simple rocky terrain. Tying in bundles, simultaneous and alternating movements.

Passing multipitch routes.

Every evening - debriefing, lectures and watching thematic films.

Depending on weather conditions, participants' level of training and workload the instructor can make changes in the program.

Certified medical certificate.

The certificate must confirm that you do not have any contraindications for mountaineering and be certified by a doctor and stamped by the clinic or dispensary. The certificate must state: “Approved(-s) to practise mountaineering. No contraindications to mountaineering in high mountains (middle mountains) detected.

Insurance .

According to the rules of alpine events all participants should have insurance policy during their stay in the training zone in the mountains.

Of course, we hope that we will not need to apply to the insurance company, but we cannot ignore the safety requirements and the climber cannot go without insurance. Insurance must be taken out before the trip. You can take out insurance with any company you like

Members of mountaineering federations FAR and FAA have 10% discount with provision of personal equipment.


Transportation by program

Meals by the program

Accommodation (tents, private houses)

Group equipment

Personal insurance

Personal equipment

Personal medicines

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